Crisp Solutions can take your idea from concept to completion with our range of services.

Do you have an idea for a new product or service but have no idea where to start? We can help you develop your product with our range of services. Crisp Solutions have helped many businesses from the initial phase of product sourcing and establishing manufacturers to packaging and promoting your idea, raising equity and of course selling to the end user.

Product Development

Our team has vast experience in international importing from many overseas markets to our distribution centre in Laverton North, Victoria. Our team also has vast experience in sourcing products from China and our office located in Guangzhou can assist you in factory tours, tradeshows and obtaining product samples.

Licensing Agent

Do you need assistance in creating licensing agreements with your suppliers or channel partners? Are you looking for a new distributor? Talk to us. We have many businesses in many different industries so we can put you in contact with the right channel partners. Consultation on licensing agreements and exclusive wholesale agreements are also our specialty.

Brand Management

Break through the clutter. Talk to us about how we can differentiate your product or service and offer tailored branding solutions for any marketplace.


E-commerce is all about expanding your products or services online to the global market. Let us show you how we can turn your businesses into a 24/7 retail store. Our experience in designing effective online stores that are professional and easy to operate is why businesses choose us.

Please contact us to discuss the types of services and opportunities we can offer your business and let us take your idea from concept to completion.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Looking for the ideal place to showcase your new product or service? Our range of marketing and advertising services will ensure you standout and get instant results. No matter what new product or service you are launching or promoting, our team can provide a marketing campaign for any budget. Let Crisp Solutions design your next digital marketing campaign and electrify your target market.

Packaging & Distribution

Do you require packaging and distribution of your products to wholesalers, stores or direct to customer to destinations around Australia or overseas? Crisp Solutions can efficiently pick and pack your goods and distribute them to your destination in the most efficient method available. Our range of courier and shipping services can move anything from dangerous goods, small goods or bulky items.

Global Product Sourcing

Are you looking to source a product from overseas? Do you need advice on importing goods and the many different customs requirements? We can help. Crisp Solutions import many different types of goods for many different types of businesses. We have containers leaving China on a regular basis and can assist you in any shipping, import, customs, warehousing and distribution requirements you may have. Our Chinese office in Guangzhou can assist with any packing or quality checking before your goods leave for total peace of mind.

Managed Warehousing

Our distribution centre offers a range of services for your products. The Crisp Solutions DC can store any of your products in Australia or overseas. Our drop shipping services allows you to simply use us as your warehouse. When you sell an item, simply send us the order and we will handle all the packing and delivery requirements direct to your customer. For any small to mid-size online business, this is your competitive advantage.

Please contact us to discuss the types of services and opportunities we can offer your business and let us take your idea from concept to completion.